by New Terrors

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released September 16, 2014

written/performed/programmed by Burke Sullivan

"Tears A Go-Go" written by Burke Sullivan and Kat Lee

recorded and mixed by Wes DeBoy and Burke Sullivan

mastered by Wes DeBoy

additional performances by Tim Felton and Kurt Friedrich

additional programming by Wes DeBoy

cover photo by Burke Sullivan

artist photo by Cherilyn Kurtz

special thanks to Kat Lee, Jeff Beaver, Elizabeth & Neil Kjeldsen, Zack Melton, Frank Schweikhardt and Ashley Sullivan


tags: pop New York


all rights reserved


New Terrors Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Structure
On my own
Where'd you go?
Roll my eyes
It doesn't matter
You reign and you go

Where'd you go?
I knew you only
Roll my eyes
It doesn't matter
No, not at all
Love and scatter
Where'd you go?
Love and scatter
You reign and you go
Track Name: Tears A Go-Go (feat. Kat Lee)
All we ever wanted was a home
Beautiful and bruised and born to roam
We walk at night, sidewalk-hopping
The crazier the longer friends we are

All we ever wanted was time

Only I go believing
You are in the night

Houses on the street are burning out
Halloween in hiding, still we shout
But the places we find are always open wide
Like bottle rockets bursting in the yard
Track Name: Night Winds
Sky is an omen, watch the fields unfold
Breathe in the autumn, it's a hand to hold
Fire in the forest is a melody
But I can't catch up with what's behind the trees

Found an old friend in the night alone
And I'm naked now, I'll never go home

Hold me when the night winds come together

I followed you inside on a cloudy day
I saw you making signs
But your hands were too far away
I had to keep running

I always try to hide when you come around
You make me feel alive
But I'm scared they'll find me out
I have to keep running
Track Name: Problems With Sister Sunshine
Are you gonna lay me down?
Are you gonna let me out?

Made a shy child write her name out
Face down on the side of the street
Sister Sunshine, Brother Red-Dye
On the sidewalk, they ain't ever been shy

Lions outside your door
Are you waiting to love her more?

Lady in white watching over my child
Laid down in the jungle so wild
Katie plays signs with the sun in sanskrit
On the sidewalk, where the older boys spit

Are you gonna lay me down?
Am I gonna make it out?
Track Name: The Video Dead
I had a breakdown keeping watch on the baby
I got my homework done, I'll stay for a video
We're at the game tonight, stomp on the bleachers
We're at the potluck, kindly stop when the preacher goes

And the heart unfolds a reaction
And the people form an attraction
And the screen is snow, but we mask it
And the rain falls over us

I had a homemade town, pulled from a sonnet
We're at the graveyard, can't you hear all the spirits moan?
We had the worst-made maps to get where we wanted
Another mislaid plan, we'll stop for a video

And the seed unfolds a reaction
And my baby's having contractions
And the pain is all that we have now
And the rain still falls on us

I'm gonna head back home, I'm burned out from living
I got some new shoes just in time for the streets of gold
I got my clothes laid out, I know where I'm going
I got a funny feeling, I don't wanna be alone

And the brain unfolds a reaction
And it breaks before we can ask it
And the rains outnumber the blue skies
And all our faces are outlines

And the rain keeps falling
Track Name: Bluebird, On
Get along
Now Mom and Dad are gone
Never known
Throwing your sticks and stones

Climbing to Heaven's throne
Leaving your skin and bones

Sing along
Stir me with sacred songs
Heaven's gone
No more deciding on
You and I
Searching a silent sky
Bluebird, on
Make mine a heart of song

Pulling my heart along
Far as I've ever gone
Believing the scared songs
God knows I could be wrong

When we answer "We'll be there"
We're only selling straight lines in a curved world
When you ask me "Do you care?"
We're only testing the waters as they whirl
Track Name: I Am A Seed
When I'm tired
Carry me outside
To the hollow place
Where five fingers fold

All my time
Spent away from you
Left a longer line of questions
And no hands to hold

When I die
Make an outline
And replace me with a sign
That points toward the earth

There is time
For the undecided ones
To believe in what they need
To know what they're worth
Track Name: You're the Only One
I don't know what day it is
I don't know what time it is
I don't know what year I'm in
But you're the only one afraid

I don't know where I came from
I don't know where I belong
I don't know where we went wrong
But you're the only one afraid

I don't know when I'll be gone
I don't know who I've let down
I don't know how we'll make out
But you're the only one

And what you want to know
About the way it goes
Will only make you strong
If you can sing along
And what you think you'll find
If you can see behind the trees
Are only phantom limbs
That lead you round and round again
In an endless tease

When all you see is darkness
When all you hear is silence
When you're alone and nameless
You're getting closer to this